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Improper vaccine dose administered to children in Antioch

Health expert says immune response continues despite the booster protection fades after four months


Improper vaccine dose administered to children in Antioch

Antioch, California – Sutter Health officials said a higher dose of Covid-19 vaccine than required was administered to tens of children at their pediatric vaccination clinic in Antioch last weekend.

14 kids received the pediatric vaccine with an improper amount of a diluting substance, according to Dr. Jimmy Hu, a pediatrician and head of Sutter Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force.

As a result, the youngsters were given more than the recommended amount for children aged 5 to 11. They received almost two-thirds of what children aged 12 and higher get.

According to Sutter officials, CDC guidance states that those who get an improper dose of the vaccine may have increased arm pain, headache, fever, or fatigue.

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