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Pfizer’s experimental pill against Covid-19 will perform extremely well against the Omicron variant, Pfizer said


Pfizer’s experimental pill against Covid-19 will perform extremely well against the Omicron variant, Pfizer said

With the Omicron variant in place, many people once again started to panic as the numbers across two dozen states are on the rise in the last two weeks. Despite that, a decent number of people still remains unvaccinated risking their lives and the lives of their beloved ones. However, the recently announced Pfizer’s experimental pill against Covid-19 might finally lead the pandemic to its end.

Pfizer recently announced they are developing a pill against the Covid-19 and it already gives superior results against the virus. The news is more than positive since many people decide not to get vaccinated and once approved, Pfizer’s pill might be the final step to the end of the pandemic.

According to the company, full results of its 2,250-person study confirmed the pill’s promising early results against the virus: The drug reduced combined hospitalizations and deaths by about 89% among high-risk adults when taken shortly after initial COVID-19 symptoms.

In addition to their first announcement in regards to the results against the virus, Pfizer on Tuesday said their pill, which is still in experimental phase, will also provide amazing protection against the recently discovered Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus.

What many experts already predilected, the pill will work against Omicron since Pfizer tested the antiviral drug against a man-made version of a key protein that omicron uses to reproduce itself and the pill was actually working as expected.

The increasing indoor gatherings and the colder weather, are two major factors why the number of new positive cases on a daily basis, hospitalizations and deaths are increasing recently in almost every single state across the country. The most recent data provided by the health officials shows that more than 99% of the new cases are Delta variant cases.

Pfizer recently announced pill is not the first on the market since Merck already submitted their Covid-19 pill to the regulators few weeks ago. While Pfizer is waiting for the CDC to discuss about the authorization of their pill, everyone is urged to get vaccinated if possible. If approved, Merck and Pfizer’s pills will be the first Covid-19 treatments that Americans could pick up at a pharmacy and take at home.

What differs Pfizer’s pill from Merck’s is the efficiency. According to Merck’s final testing results, their pill reduced hospitalizations and deaths by 30% in high-risk adults, which is far behind their initial expectations. Meanwhile, Pfizer believes the efficacy of their pill sits around more-than-decent 89%.

Both companies initially studied their drugs in unvaccinated adults who face the gravest risks from COVID-19, due to older age or health problems, such as asthma or obesity.

Pfizer is also studying its pill in lower-risk adults — including a subset who are vaccinated — but reported mixed data for that group on Tuesday.

Health experts remain positive that the pills from both companies will perform well against the Omicron and potentially future variants because none of them targets the spike protein of the virus, which is the case with the mRna vaccines. Once FDA approves the pills, the government is ready to buy Pfizer and Merck pills enough to treat 13 million people combined.

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