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Allie-Coosh – The fashion brand that builds long-lasting relationships with its clients


Allie-Coosh – The fashion brand that builds long-lasting relationships with its clients

Richardson, Texas – Paulette Martsolf, a native of Newfoundland, may not have initially seen herself as a trailblazer in the world of fashion, but her passion for the industry eventually led her to Toronto where she studied fashion design with her husband.

It wasn’t long before Martsolf created her first line of clothing, a collection of pajamas under the brand name “Allie-Coosh,” a playful reference to her hometown of Newfoundland, where the phrase colloquially means “go to bed.”

Martsolf’s goal from the outset was to create timeless and elegant women’s clothing and jewelry that would strike a balance between formal and functional, making them the perfect foundation for any number of fashionable ensembles. Her vision quickly caught on, and Allie-Coosh opened its first storefront in Snider Plaza in Dallas in 1992. In the beginning, the company manufactured almost everything in-house, which helped keep costs low and allowed for stringent quality control.

As word of Martsolf’s exquisite designs spread, Allie-Coosh expanded its space, eventually requiring Martsolf to build a backyard workshop to keep up with demand. In 2010, Martsolf opened a second location in Richardson to accommodate the growing business. What sets Allie-Coosh apart is the fact that Martsolf and her team maintain a close relationship with their clients, many of whom have become good friends over the years.

Martsolf attributes Allie-Coosh’s success to hard work, commitment, and dedication to her clients. Many of her customers return years later to add new pieces to their wardrobes and match their existing favorites. Even during the pandemic, Allie-Coosh’s loyal customers continued to support the business, providing a testament to the quality and timelessness of Martsolf’s designs.

Allie-Coosh’s flagship store is located at 521 N. Interurban St. in Richardson, and it remains an enduring testament to Martsolf’s creativity and business acumen.

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