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“Looking back, I wish we would have gotten it sooner…,” Man dies of Covid-19 after struggling to find booster shot, his girlfriend explains


“Looking back, I wish we would have gotten it sooner…,” Man dies of Covid-19 after struggling to find booster shot, his girlfriend explains

The Covid-19 ended up to be fatal for the fully vaccinated 55-year-old G. Bourque from California who died due to Covid-19 complications last month after reportedly struggling to find third, booster dose on time and further improve his immunity.

According to Bourque’s girlfriend Jen, the couple decided to get vaccinated against Covid-19 last spring when they received two Pfizer shots. Being fully vaccinated, Jen and her boyfriend thought they are protected from Covid-19 and they were initially hesitant in getting vaccinated with third, booster dose once a third dose was authorized by the health officials.

The first known Omicron case was reported in America at the beginning of December. Since that day, the number of new Covid-19 cases per day driven by the new variant was rising exponentially evading both the natural immunity and the vaccine immunity in fully vaccinated people. That made the couple to change their minds over the booster and decided to get vaccinated again relying on the numerous studies showing that a booster dose increases the protection of getting infected with Omicron.

But the period before the holidays, millions of Americans decided to get vaccinated with third dose in an effort to improve their immunity just when many indoor gatherings and time spent with family were expected for Christmas. That caused long waiting lines in front of the vaccination sites and many of them switched to schedule-only basis making it impossible for others to get vaccinated.

As Omicron spread widely across the country, Americans struggled to find vaccine and booster dose appointments. Jen said they attempted several times to get the booster at pharmacies before Christmas as walk-ins but were unsuccessful. The couple had nothing left and decided to schedule an appointment for a booster dose for the first week of January.

Bourque spent Christmas with his family and as soon as he returned home, he tested positive. He immediately called Jen informing her about the bad news telling her to stay at her mother’s home to avoid getting sick as well, assuring her that he was doing fine. They agreed that she would drive back the next day. But Jen received devastating news before she could do so.

“Jen received a call from Bourque’s son who said, ‘I won’t be here and neither will dad,'” the GoFundMe said.

Jen described Bourque being in “excellent health” although he reportedly said he was “feeling terrible” when he made the initial call informing her about the positive test. However, he didn’t go into specifics about the symptoms he was experiencing.

Although dozens of studies show that vaccines offer protection of getting infected with the deadly virus and especially with hospitalizations or death, the vaccine immunity wanes over time. That’s the reason why health experts push for third doses which significantly boost the immunity in keeping people healthy in most of the cases.

“Looking back, I wish we would have gotten it sooner. This is scary business. Please get your vaccine and booster,” Jen finished.

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