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Man has sued a local bar for discrimination, claims he was asked to leave premises for being “white and old”


Man has sued a local bar for discrimination, claims he was asked to leave premises for being “white and old”

Racism and discrimination are serious issues that continue to plague American society. While progress has been made in the fight against these issues, there is still much work to be done. According to various studies and reports, racial tensions have risen in recent years, and incidents of discrimination have become more prevalent. Contrary to general public beliefs that only black people are targets of racism, this has affected people of all races, including white Americans.

Such an incident happened last year, and the victim decided to file a lawsuit against the bar, claiming that he was banned from the premises for being an “old white guy.”

In a surprising turn of events, Neal Glessner, a loyal customer of Dan’s Restaurant & Taphouse, was allegedly subjected to a rude and unfair treatment that led to a lawsuit seeking $500,000 in compensation. Glessner’s visit to the establishment on Feb. 18, 2022, turned sour when he complained out loud about the tardiness of his to-go order, which he claimed took over 40 minutes to prepare.

But Glessner says that the restaurant’s manager, Mike Skinner, didn’t deal with his problems in a professional way. Instead, he says, Skinner went out of his way to make things worse. The lawsuit says that Skinner asked Glessner’s friend to tell him that he was no longer welcome at the business.

The incident has caused quite a stir and raises concerns about how loyal customers can be treated in such an undignified manner. The amended lawsuit, filed late last month, seeks to hold Dan’s Restaurant & Taphouse accountable for their alleged actions and ensure that such behavior is not tolerated in any establishment.

Although the friend is not named in the lawsuit, he is identified by multiple outlets, including the Hagerstown Herald Mail, as Circuit Judge Joseph Michael.

When Michael refused to pass on Skinner’s message, the irate manager allegedly yelled at him, “You old, white people act like you own everything. Get the f–k out of here!”

Following the February 18th, 2022, incident, authorities were called, and bodycam footage revealed that Michael left the bar without any objection. The Herald Mail acquired the video, which reportedly included Skinner informing Michael that he and Glessner were prohibited from returning to the establishment.

Nearly a year later, Glessner says he has found evidence that Dan’s Restaurant & Taphouse has been hostile to white people in the past. Glessner, who operates an IT solutions and hardware company, contends that several other white men have been barred from the restaurant without reasonable explanations.

Shortly after the lawsuit gained public attention, Charlotte Aufdem-Brinke, who co-owns the place, expressed her views in a Facebook post where she denied the accusations, claiming that the client was asked to leave the restaurant ‘due to repeated occurrences of disruptive behavior against members of the team’.

In a display of solidarity, local far-right activist Shaun Porter spearheaded a small group of protesters to gather outside Dan’s Restaurant & Taphouse in Boonsboro late last month, brandishing signs that read “Old White Men’s Lives Matter” and “It Is Okay to be White”, as reported by WUSA.

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