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Man impregnated teen daughter twice; attempted to remove the fetus using a coat hanger but there is something even more sickening


Man impregnated teen daughter twice; attempted to remove the fetus using a coat hanger but there is something even more sickening

Instances of physical or se-ual abuse of children are not uncommon in the news, but what this man did to his daughter when she was a youngster is very sickening and clearly shows he went too far with his actions. The abuse the woman went through when she was a teenager is hard to explain, and we think the woman’s father should have gotten a much harsher sentence than what he got.

The father, Francis, was a respected scientist and university lecturer in the outside world. But at home, he was the kind of father who would keep a plastic bag under his pillow so that he could threaten to suffocate his daughter. He is the kind of man who would frighten his little girl by saying he would dissolve her body in acid if she ever told anybody about what happened under his roof.

When his daughter, Kim, turned 11 years old, he took her virginity and kept her away from other boys her age. “He stole my innocence, fun and enjoyment, freedom, peace of mind, and security. I may as well have been chained to my bed as I was not allowed the freedom that every other child of my age had,” Kim said in her victim impact statement to the court.

As Kim looks back at her childhood, she remembers her father plying her with alcohol and forcing her to put on a worn-out set of adult lingerie to appease his vile desires.

“My dad would make me wear suspenders belts, stockings and high heels,” Kim recalled. “He went through these strange rituals where he would make me get drunk and forced me to listen to the same Pink Floyd record over and over again whilst he ra-ed and abused me. Then I would have to get up, put my uniform on and go to school whilst he lay in bed sleeping it all off.”

By the age of 15, Kim was pregnant for the first time with her father’s child, after which he forced her to undergo a painful DIY ab0rtion at home that he thought would work.

After making Kim lie down on her back, Francis tried to “poke” the fetus out by using a coat hanger. “The pain was horrendous,” Kim shared. “For the next 15 minutes, my father used a coat hanger and a torch to perform his DIY ab0rtion.”

Seeing that it wasn’t working, Francis then tried to “suck” the fetus out with a bicycle pump. And when that also failed, he finally took his daughter to a doctor for an ab0rtion.

“I had to have an ab0rtion when I was 15 years old,” the daughter said. “I couldn’t believe it when I was pregnant again less than a year later. This time he wanted to keep the baby and play happy families. Having an ab0rtion was traumatic, but there was no way I was going to go through with his plan. A friend helped, and he arranged an ab0rtion.”

The abuse that Kim went through came to an end once and for all after she met Jonathan, whom she went on to marry in 1991 before sharing two children and one grandchild with him.

Now 52 years old, Kim was able to see her father be put behind bars after he was found guilty of five offenses of ra-e between the years of 1979 and 1985.

After seeing her father be sentenced to 20 years in jail, Kim waived her right to anonymity because she didn’t want to carry her story to the grave. She authored the book, Who will believe youand hopes to help others who have been through abuse.

“The book is primarily about closure for me. But it is also to raise awareness of this largely hidden, dreadful scourge on our society,” Kim said. “It is so important that people can report this and that they are going to be listened to.” We are republishing this story amid recent reports that child se-ual abuse has increased in the United States during the pandemic.


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