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People are Surfing Under Smoky Orange Skies in San Francisco

San Francisco

People are Surfing Under Smoky Orange Skies in San Francisco

When the Bay Area woke up this morning, the skies were deep orange. Some saw it as a sign of the apocalypse and went back to bed. Others played David Bowie or watched Blade Runner 2049. Just about everyone else took photos.

And then there’s the group of surfers at Ocean Beach who said, “You know what? Let’s hit the waves.”

Photographer Beth LaBerge caught Matt Cowdrey, Mark Paiz and Kyle Ortega in action, surfing under red-orange skies caused by wildfires in Northern California and Oregon.

These photos were taken at noon. It was a day like no other for Ocean Beach, the westernmost part of San Francisco.

And a day that this group of surfers won’t ever forget.

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