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President Biden breaks live TV protocol, you won’t believe what he did during an interview


President Biden breaks live TV protocol, you won’t believe what he did during an interview

In an unconventional turn of events during a live broadcast on MSNBC, President Biden unexpectedly exited the television set prior to the commencement of a commercial break. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Biden, aged 80, concluded his interview with host Nicolle Wallace, stood up from his chair, exchanged pleasantries and handshakes, and proceeded to exit the scene whilst the live transmission was still ongoing. Wallace graciously wrapped up the segment, cautioning her viewers, “Don’t go anywhere,” as the President made his unscheduled departure, walking directly behind her.

Typically, guests on cable news programs remain seated until the segment transitions into a commercial break, making President Biden’s premature departure a notable anomaly.

A video capturing President Biden’s departure during the live program rapidly gained traction on social media.

Steve Guest, a former staffer at the Republican National Committee, expressed his astonishment on Twitter with the comment, “WHAT ON EARTH IS JOE BIDEN DOING? It’s live TV!” Simultaneously, Scott Walker, former Republican Governor of Wisconsin, shared the video, tweeting, “The Biden Presidency in one clip.”

Speculations arose about the reasons for President Biden’s hurried exit. Nicholas Fondacaro, an associate editor at the Media Research Center, speculated, “Bathroom run? Biden gets out of his seat before the commercials start and awkwardly walks off-set.” Jim Pfaff, a media and political consultant, expressed his surprise, tweeting, “Oh goodness! Joe Biden is really lost.”

During the twenty-minute conversation with Wallace, President Biden touched on the Supreme Court’s recent decision to prohibit affirmative action in higher education admission processes. The President expressed his belief that “the vast majority of the American people don’t agree with a lot of the decisions this court is making.”

However, despite this contention, Biden did not support calls for expanding the Supreme Court with additional liberal judges. He cautioned, “I think it’s a mistake. If we do start the process of expanding the court, we’re going to politicize it maybe forever in a way that is not healthy.”

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