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Since last July, man received at least nearly 90 Covid-19 shots under his real name to obtain vaccine cards and sell them to vaccine hesitant people


Since last July, man received at least nearly 90 Covid-19 shots under his real name to obtain vaccine cards and sell them to vaccine hesitant people

Since the Covid-19 vaccination process began in America, nearly 256 million people received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccines, while fully vaccinated are almost 218 million representing 65.6% of the American population. Per the CDC’s official data, more than 98 million got booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccines which is 45% of the eligible fully vaccinated people.

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration authorized Pfizer and Moderna fourth doses for everyone age 50 and older, as well as a fifth dose for certain younger people with compromised immune systems. People age 12 and older with weakened immune systems are eligible for a Pfizer fifth dose, and those 18 and older with the same condition are eligible for Moderna.

While a decent number of people are still vaccine hesitant for all the wrong reasons, others simply are not afraid to even get extreme number of Covid-19 shots for profit, most certainly risking their own health. Such is the case with a man from Germany who is accused of receiving at least 87 Covid-19 shots since last July.

According to multiple reports, the 61-year-old whose identity was not revealed by the local media, the man’s plan was to collect as many vaccine cards as possible, and sell them to anti-vaxxers who can later turn those green passes into vaccine passport and travel freely. Reportedly, the man was getting as many as three shots per day at one point in an effort to achieve his goal more quickly.

The investigation started when the German branch of the Red Cross filed a complaint against the man. According to the Newsweek, it is suspected that he showed up at different vaccination sites with different blank cards with his real name on them.

“We then observed this and warned the other vaccination centers in Saxony,” the German Red Cross spokesperson told Freie Presse.

The man was initially noticed by the Red Cross staff and they were told to inform the police once they see him again at any of the local vaccination sites. The man reportedly lied about his health history every time he showed up to get a Covid-19 shot which allowed him to get more shots than what German residents were allowed to. Had he given insurance information regularly, his actions might have been noticed sooner.

The initial investigation has shown that the man used his own method to remove his name from the vaccine cards once he completed a round of shots. That way, those who bought the vaccine cards were able to put their names on them and later turn them into vaccine passports. At this point, the amount he made selling vaccine cards remains unknown.

The 61-year-old is accused of getting 87 known shots in local vaccines sites. However, he is suspected he may have scammed his way into more shots, so investigations are currently underway in other German states. His first known vaccination allegedly took place in July 2021.

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