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Teen girl gives birth secretly while babysitting and tells the boy it’s just a doll; hours later, she does the unthinkable


Teen girl gives birth secretly while babysitting and tells the boy it’s just a doll; hours later, she does the unthinkable

As a woman, motherhood can be one of life’s greatest achievements, bringing an abundance of love, joy, and meaning to one’s existence. The bond shared between mother and child is unmatched, bringing a unique sense of purpose to the maternal role. However, some women may face challenges that seem insurmountable, leading them down a path of desperation and recklessness, culminating in unthinkable actions.

While babysitting, a teenage girl went to an upstairs bedroom and secretly gave birth to a baby boy before wrapping the baby in clothes and throwing him away.

The 15-year-old girl had started babysitting the boy around 10:30 am, and about an hour later, she gave birth to a baby boy on her own, inside the house. At around 12:55 pm, the young boy that she was babysitting had gone upstairs to find the teenager curled up in bed. As per reports, he later told the police that she was surrounded by bloodstains, which she claimed were caused by a nosebleed.

A few minutes after the boy went back down to the living room, he noticed that the teenager had also come downstairs but was carrying something in her arms. As she went into the kitchen, the boy could hear the sound of a baby crying, so he followed his babysitter into the kitchen. There on the table, he noticed a bundle of clothes from which “two little feet and legs” were sticking out. Although he could hear what sounded like a baby “crying,” he was told by the teenager that it was only a doll.

When he later narrated the series of events to the police, he said he couldn’t understand why the teenager would tell him an “absolute lie.”

After the strange conversation he had with the babysitter, the boy also searched on Google about whether 15-year-olds could get pregnant, and he got worried when the search confirmed that they could.

At some point, while the teenager and young boy were left alone in the house, the babysitter slipped out the back door, and the boy could hear the sound of the back gate being opened. That was when the teenager put the newborn son she had just given birth to inside the trash can.

By 2:10 in the afternoon, the teenager’s mother arrived and found the bloodstains while checking on her daughter, who claimed the blood was from her breaking something in the bathroom while experiencing dizziness.

The girl failed to convince her mother that she did not need an ambulance, and the teenager soon found herself in the hospital, where doctors noticed she had vaginal bleeding and became suspicious.

She told medics she was sexually active and so there may have been a possibility that she was pregnant, but she denied knowing she was expecting.

The girl’s mother also suspected a pregnancy, but a test came back negative and so nurses began to suspect that there had been a concealed birth.

It was only a matter of time before the police were informed and the birth of her son came to light. The police found the baby’s body in the trash can wrapped up in clothes as well as a plastic bag. Investigators also found that the teenager made several unusual Google searches that day, including “why have I got really bad stomach pains” and “how to cut an umbilical cord.”

Following the incident, the girl said she placed the baby in the can because she assumed the child was dead. However, when Coroner Andrew asked her in court whether she covered him with a plastic bag, she responded by saying, “I don’t know.”

“He wasn’t making any noise. He wasn’t moving at all,” said the now 18-year-old girl. The inquest into the case is still ongoing.

Gareth, who led the investigation into the death, said he believed there was sufficient evidence to charge the girl.

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