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Two children critically injured after being struck by lightning


Two children critically injured after being struck by lightning

On Wednesday evening, two children were rushed to Cook Children’s hospital in critical condition after a lightning strike hit a tree in the yard of a Fort Worth home where they were playing, according to Dallas Metro News.

Although not directly hit by the lightning, the electric discharge from the tree was powerful enough to knock them to the ground. Emergency personnel promptly arrived on the scene and transported the children to the hospital, where they remain under medical observation.

The ages of the children have not been disclosed, but reports indicate that one is of elementary school age while the other is in junior high school.

The incident occurred amidst several thunderstorms that passed through North Texas during the day, with some dropping hail as big as grapefruits in Central Texas. In Fort Worth, rainfall totals exceeded one inch by Wednesday evening. According to the National Weather Service, residents across the region should be cautious of lightning strikes during thunderstorms as they can be life-threatening.

Experts advise individuals caught in a thunderstorm to avoid taking shelter under trees, as lightning can jump from the tree to the person or object under it. Furthermore, people should remain indoors during thunderstorms or seek shelter in a sturdy building.

It is critical to remember that lightning strikes cause electrical discharge that can be dangerous to humans. When it comes into contact with a person, the current flows through the body and can harm vital organs, such as the heart. As such, safety precautions should be taken to avoid the possibility of getting struck by lightning.

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