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Walnut Creek restaurant reopens after re-inspection

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Walnut Creek restaurant reopens after re-inspection

Walnut Creek, California – According to the Contra Costa County Department of Environmental Health, a restaurant in Walnut Creek known as Stadium Pub was closed due to a cockroach infestation.

During their inspection, health inspectors discovered the following:

  • 4–5 cockroaches caught in a sticky trap beneath the prep fridge (unable to confirm if dead or alive)
  • 2 live adult cockroaches on electrical wire near the prep fridge and sticky trap
  • 3–5 live adult and young cockroaches near the water boiler; impossible to determine if the adult cockroach has an egg sack.
  • 2 dead nymph cockroaches next to the water boiler
  • 1 live cockroach on top of an electrical unit underneath the bar cash register

Stadium Pub has recently been reopened after undergoing a thorough inspection.

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