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White House scandal: Illicit substances found at the heart of the government; You won’t believe who’s suspected as a source


White House scandal: Illicit substances found at the heart of the government; You won’t believe who’s suspected as a source

The White House West Wing recently became the site of an unexpected incident when a small bag of cocaine was discovered in an area close to the Situation Room, one floor beneath the Oval Office. Despite speculation and inquiries, a spokesperson for the Biden administration has refrained from explicitly excluding Hunter Biden, the President’s son, as a possible source of the contraband substance.

The confiscated bag of white substance was detected on Sunday night in a storage area, positioned between a foyer and a lobby. This section of the building is in close proximity to the parking spots of certain official vehicles such as the vice presidential limo or SUV, according to an NBC News report.

An authoritative source explained to The Post that this storage area is frequently used by White House staff and visitors alike to temporarily deposit phones and personal belongings before moving to other sections of the building. This specific entrance to the West Wing is on the same level as the Situation Room and the White House Mess.

The Secret Service, tasked with the investigation of this incident, is anticipated to conclude their inquiry as early as Monday. By examining visitor logs and security footage, they hope to identify the individual responsible for leaving the cocaine in this highly frequented zone of the executive mansion.

Anthony Guglielmi, a Secret Service spokesperson, assured The Post on Thursday that all resources and options at the federal government’s disposal are being mobilized in the effort to find the person responsible. While declining to delve into the specifics of this ongoing investigation, it has been reported that this includes testing the bag for potential fingerprints and DNA evidence.

The White House has largely refrained from commenting on the ongoing investigation, redirecting any inquiries to the Secret Service. Andrew Bates, an administration spokesperson, was questioned about a post made by former President Donald Trump on Truth Social, in which he suggested that the cocaine was intended for Hunter and Joe Biden. Bates declined to respond, citing the need for caution with regard to the Hatch Act, a federal law which restricts political activity by executive branch employees. The applicability of this act to the question at hand, which simply asked for confirmation that the drugs were not connected to the President or his son, remains unclear.

Further questioning of Bates about the commitment to transparency regarding the results of the Secret Service investigation was met with a deferral to the judgement of the Secret Service. Bates maintained this stance even when hypothetical scenarios were proposed.

The discovery of the cocaine led to a temporary evacuation of the West Wing. Subsequent testing by a DC hazmat team and investigators confirmed that the substance was indeed cocaine. At the time of the incident, President Biden and the first lady were at Camp David, accompanied by Hunter Biden.

The discovery of the illicit substance has elicited cautionary advice from some officials. Given the substantial volume of traffic in this area of the White House, it may prove challenging to definitively identify the person responsible. A review of the White House visitor logs for March indicates that there were more than 4,000 entries recorded for West Wing tours, demonstrating the sheer number of individuals who have access to this area.

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