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Youngster says her final goodbyes hours before being killed, gets justice due to posts shared from her account


Youngster says her final goodbyes hours before being killed, gets justice due to posts shared from her account

A social media post that was made from the account of a teenage girl seemed to anticipate her death and featured disturbing details such as the identities of her murderers. The corpse of the girl was discovered a few hours after the post was uploaded.

Cristiane, who was 17 years old at the time, was saying her final goodbyes on the post. The post also disclosed that she owed around $550 to local drug dealers, which was the reason she was going to be murdered. “I come here to say goodbye to everyone. I will die shortly,” she said.

In another post that Cristiane uploaded from her account, the words “They’ll send the location so that my body can be found” were written. Another message from her account was uploaded the next day, framed by the murderers, and revealing the location of where the corpse of the youngster might be found. This was previously revealed.

In the posts, it was said that she would be fatally shot, in addition to identifying those who would be responsible for her homicide and revealing the location of her corpse. However, even after her corpse was discovered, the reason for her death remained a mystery.

The police became aware that Cristiane had gone missing, but by the time they arrived at the place that the murderers had given in the post the next day, the adolescent had already been murdered.

The detectives believe that Cristiane did not really write the message that was posted from her account, despite the fact that it seemed to be the teenager’s last message to the world before her death and that it appeared as if it had been written by her.

In addition to this, the post that revealed the location where her body would be found was signed off with the letters “CV,” which is supposed to be short for the name of the criminal gang. However, the police also suspect that the gang had nothing to do with the murder at all and that the real killer might have signed off with ‘CV’ to mislead the investigation.

After Cristiane’s case came to light, two more deaths took place that might possibly have had some connection to the teenager’s death. The two other victims, Lorival and Antonio, whose bodies were found, were reportedly the brother and brother-in-law of one of the killers¬† Cristiane’s post had mentioned on social media. The police think that members of the criminal gang were responsible for Lorival and Antonio’s deaths.

The gang members were reportedly agitated by the increased attention they were getting after their names were mentioned in Cristiane’s post, and because of this, they reportedly tried to kill the suspects mentioned in the teenager’s post. But instead, they ended up executing the suspect’s relatives. As the investigation continues, the police also believe that Cristiane may not have had any drug-related debt and that her murder was a case of femicide.

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