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California awarded $5 million grant to CCCOE for literacy improvement

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California awarded $5 million grant to CCCOE for literacy improvement

Contra Costa County, California – A $5 million grant for constructing a school capacity in order to help children who struggle with reading, students with disabilities or dyslexia, has been given to Contra Costa County Office of Education.

The money will also be used to establish literacy plans for districts and pilot sites, as well as to implement evidence-based strategies throughout time, increasing family and community involvement in literacy.

“We are thrilled to be recipients of such an important grant that will allow us to develop and design strategies for literacy learning for all students, and also support our most vulnerable and challenged students,” Mackey said in a statement. “This type of foundational work is crucial for the lifelong success of all students.”

CCCOE’s project “Every Child Reads” focuses on literacy through the use of evidence-based practices, activities and interventions, including pre-literary skills, reading and writing.

Grantees are directed to use the funds to build expertise in strategies addressing statewide literacy priorities identified in the state’s comprehensive literary plan, implementing the strategies through a three-year, small-scale pilot with a local school.

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