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Girl asked for help 5 times but was fined for wasting police time, her ex took advantage of the situation in the end


Girl asked for help 5 times but was fined for wasting police time, her ex took advantage of the situation in the end

She was failed by the people she hoped would protect her. 19-year-old Shana approached the police five times, begging them to take action against her ex-boyfriend, Michael, who had been stalking her and tormenting her life for months. But what the teen heard from the police in return were accusations of wasting their time.

Although Shana reported details of Michael turning aggressive and sometimes even violent, she was sent away by the police, saying she failed to tell them she was dating the man in the past. Police not only mishandled her case but also made her pay a fine for “wasting police time.”

Over the span of six months, Shana reported to the police about Michael breaking into her home and mistreating her by yanking her phone away and grabbing her hair. Even after the two ended their relationship, Michael reportedly smothered her with flowers on the day she turned 19. Refusing to accept that Shana had moved on and begun dating again, Michael allegedly told a friend, “She’ll pay for what she’s done.” His disturbing actions included placing a tracking device on her car and showing up unannounced at her house, even after Shana began a relationship with someone else.

“I wanted to see you and I knew you wouldn’t let me in. I’m just not right in the head, otherwise I wouldn’t do it,” Michael was heard saying in one of the frightening phone calls Shana recorded. Shana went to the police to report his harassment and even told them about receiving calls from an unknown number, where she could only hear the sounds of heavy breathing. At the time, the police declared that her case was “low risk” and sent her back home.

A couple of days later, Shana faced more disappointment when she told the police about Michael stalking her. Instead of paying heed to her words, the police informed her that they were shutting her case, and wouldn’t be taking any more action. Following months of harassment, Michael once again broke into Shana’s home with a can of gas and a knife in hand. After slitting her throat, Michael tried to burn her body and left the girl murdered in her bedroom. Shana was “failed” by the police. Michael was found guilty of murdering Shana and was handed a sentence of 25 years behind bars.

Although Shana’s family was “relieved” when Michael was given his prison sentence, they said, “We firmly believe Shana would be alive today if the police had acted to protect her on the many occasions she complained about Michael, rather than issue her with a fine for wasting police time.”

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