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Little girl discovered naked, eating cat food, and responding only to “kitty” due to mother’s negligence and abuse


Little girl discovered naked, eating cat food, and responding only to “kitty” due to mother’s negligence and abuse

The unforeseen discovery by the police of a 6-year-old child living in exceedingly horrible circumstances led to the detention of the kid’s mother on the grounds that she had grossly neglected her daughters.

The girl was discovered living in the home like an animal, and when the police entered the property, they found her crawling on all fours, barely able to move, and eating cat food. According to the reports, the child’s name was Datse, and despite her age, she was incapable of putting together entire sentences and would only respond when she was called “kitty-kitty.”

The investigators were also horrified as they made their way through the house, and found cat litter strewn all over the property. Reports say that the child’s mother, Alprika, who is 34 years old, lived in the house with another man who is thought to be Datse’s godfather. Also sharing the house were 19 cats, living with them in the unkempt house.

“The emaciated girl looks three years old, younger than her actual age of six,” reported several news outlets. “The man in the house is allegedly her godfather.”

Talking about the poor, underdeveloped state the child was found in, the report went on to say, “The child was moving on all fours, lived with cats, was eating cat food, and responded to cat calls.”

Investigators also found that Datse had a 12-year-old sister called Myshana, who told them she couldn’t ever remember being sent to school. Both Datse and Myshana were taken to the hospital so that doctors could take a look at their health, while their mother, Alprika, was detained on suspicion of child neglect. It is unclear whether Myshana was also found inside the house, but investigators believe Datse had previously been left alone by the mother without proper supervision.

Four or five days before the police discovered Datse living in destitute conditions, Alprika claims she left the child with a man named Alexander. When she was asked whether Datse was properly cared for while she was away, the mother responded, “I can’t say during the days I was away. But when I came here to check, he hardly left.”

According to details revealed by the police, it seemed as though they discovered the neglected child purely by chance.

“Police officers while on duty in the neighborhood, noticed a suspicious man,” said police spokeswoman. “After having seen the police, he tried to hide from them and entered a house nearby. Police entered the house, in which they discovered a man born in 1955, a woman born in 1986, and her young daughter, born in 2015. The child had no clothes and was in an emaciated state.”

Inside the house, officers couldn’t find any items meant for children, such as toys, food, detergent, or other hygiene products. Even beds weren’t found inside the house. “There were no hygiene products in the house, and the conditions were unsanitary,” the spokeswoman added. “The girl was taken to a medical facility.”

Currently, investigations are trying to determine the extent of neglect Datse and her sister experienced.

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