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Man takes a picture of his pregnant wife; after looking at the photo, he notices something unusual


Man takes a picture of his pregnant wife; after looking at the photo, he notices something unusual

Expecting a baby is the most exciting time in any couple’s life. As parents-to-be, they anticipate the joys of parenthood and eagerly await their little one’s arrival. But for this couple, things were not going so well.

Namely, before the baby was born, the woman’s, Brigette, heartbeat dropped drastically, so she experienced an embolism of the amniotic fluid, which brought her to a bad state.

The man, Chris, decided to take a photo of his pregnant wife before she went to the hospital. When Chris was looking at the photo of his pregnant wife Brigette, he noticed something really strange.

Amazingly enough, he didn’t know how that photo would remind him of the amazing birth experience that awaited them as a couple.

Sometimes, people go through life-changing and soul-stirring experiences that defy logical reasoning and rationality. But just because something is hard to understand doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist at all.

Miracles are called extraordinary phenomena that are so inexplicably amazing that they can completely change people’s lives. Whether anyone believes in them may be debatable, but some people claim to have experienced miraculous events.

Today’s story covers a similar theme and sheds light on the couple’s journey of parenthood, hope, renewal, and wonder. Brigette and Chris had three adorable boys and were happily married.

But the couple’s life changed most unexpectedly when they discovered happy news: they were pregnant again. Naturally, their hearts were filled with immense love and joy, and they couldn’t wait to complete their family.

However, unbeknownst to the couple, fate has prepared a huge surprise for them and an unforgettable experience that will continue to be etched in their minds and hearts.

The couple thoroughly enjoyed their pregnancy. Brigette gave birth to twins by caesarean section – a boy and a girl, whom they lovingly named Abby and Austin.

It turned out to be a photo of Brigette before giving birth, where she was standing in the living room, with a flat screen TV in the background.

According to their father, the twins were perfectly normal and healthy, with Austin weighing eight pounds, five ounces, and Abby weighing six pounds, one ounce. Chris also noticed that people in the nursery called Austin “ham-bone” and referred to Abby as “turkey.”

The twins were perfectly fine, but there was one whose life was at significantly high risk. It turned out that Brigette’s body began to attack during the birth—something that no one expected. Regarding the harrowing experience, Chris recounted:

“I went down to the second floor and was met by a nurse. She asked me if I was Mr. Chris and said you have to step into this room, and as soon as I walked into that room, my heart dropped.

What did Chris see when he entered the room that shook him to his core and left him speechless? As expected, his wife’s life was in danger, momentarily turning his happiness into shock and worry.

Doctors informed Chris that Brigette had suffered an amniotic fluid embolism, a condition said to be expected in one in 80,000 births. In an amniotic fluid embolism, the amniotic fluid enters the mother’s bloodstream, leading to a severe and often fatal reaction. The survival rate is said to be only 20 percent in such a condition.

Unfortunately, Brigette suffered internal bleeding, and her blood pressure and heart rate dropped to dangerously low levels. As a result, doctors performed two emergency operations. Chris recalled:

“She struggled to stay alive all night long. They were pumping her full of blood.”

Chris’s world was turned upside down in seconds. He wanted to celebrate the joy of becoming a parent with his beloved wife, but watching her struggle for life left him in chaos. Was there anything he could have done to remedy the situation?

Fearing that his twins would never get the chance to meet and know their mother, the heartbroken father took to Facebook and launched a prayer call, hoping it would help work a miracle. Surprisingly, the response was overwhelming. He remembered:

“We put it on Facebook and complete strangers, I have no idea who they are, were just saying how special the family is and just updating them, and the amount of support was just unreal.”

As people around the world joined the Hani family in prayer, something incredibly amazing happened. Against all odds, Brigette’s condition began to gradually improve. She not only succeeded; her remarkable recovery baffled the medical staff.

Later, Chris revisited the collection of pictures he had clicked before things took a terrifying turn. When he reached a photo, he couldn’t help but stare at it. What was so special about that particular photo?

It turned out to be a photo of Brigette before giving birth, where she was standing in the living room, with a flat screen TV in the background. After the life-threatening hospital experience, the image took on new meaning for the couple.

What might have been considered the reflective white light from a stale TV screen became something much more for the family. According to Chris, the halo of light around his wife’s head meant that she was under God’s protection.

Chris shared that he took the picture before Brigette left for the hospital.

“My miracle angle! Look around her head in the picture. This is the morning we left for the hospital, the man upstairs was already with us!!!!”

Whether the halo around Brigette’s head was just a flash or a miraculous sign from above, however, the harrowing episode changed the lives of the family in ways they never thought possible.

At one point, Chris was very terrified because he was afraid that his wife would not be able to make it. He felt for his children and thought his twins would never grow up to know their mother. But then, the seemingly complex and almost impossible became wonderfully possible.

Chris and Brigette’s story teaches us that just when we are on the verge of losing hope and giving up, the solution to our problem may be around the corner. If this story touches your heart, please share it with your family and friends.


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