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Mountain lion sighting reported in Mountain Hill

San Francisco

Mountain lion sighting reported in Mountain Hill

Mountain Hill, California – According to authorities, a mountain lion has been observed several times in a Morgan Hill neighborhood.

The mountain lion was seen in the Holiday Lake Estates community, just south of Anderson Reservoir, near Park View Drive and Lori Lane. The mountain lion had been spotted by the reporting party for the previous three days, according to Morgan Hill police.

The sightings have been reported to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Mountain lions are generally afraid of humans and avoid contact with them, according to authorities.

In order to avoid contact follow these tips:

  • Stay on designated roads.
  • Do not feed deer
  • Keep pets leashed and children close to you.
  • Avoid walking or running alone early morning or evening.
  • Make noise while you walk so as not to surprise a lion.

Follow these suggestion if you encounter a mountain lion:

  • Do not approach the lion.
  • Back away slowly, giving the lion opportunity to escape
  • Do not run, crouch down, bend over, or turn your back to the lion.
  • Try to appear larger, wave your arms, and speak loudly
  • Pick up small children
  • Fight back if attacked

Mountain lion sightings should be reported to the Morgan Hill Police Department at (408) 779-2101.

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