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The second “Always and Forever” lasted only three weeks: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting separated


The second “Always and Forever” lasted only three weeks: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting separated

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck exchanged marriage vows just three weeks ago, and although their love seemed quite idyllic, it seems that the newlyweds are already getting separated. At least that’s what some sources claim.

The actor and the singer have already decided to separate, and according to unnamed sources, their decision came because they allegedly wanted to spend some time on a break. They reportedly want to spend some time apart after their intense honeymoon and to focus on their careers.

Some media reports also claim that the Latin diva and the four-year-younger actor believe that this move will benefit them in the long run and help save their marriage. In fact, they want to distance themselves so that the magic between them is not lost.

They’re always talking, texting, Facetimeing when they’re apart working. And the time apart makes getting back together that much better. JLoloves the fact that she knows her husband will be there for her no matter what, said a source close to the couple.

On the other hand, he explained: “Being separated so soon after their wedding is not ideal. But they know they have their whole lives ahead of them and are enjoying every minute of the journey.”

These allegations have not been confirmed by J-Lo or Affleck, and social media users have developed a new theory about such a break between the couple. People on Twitter say that Lopez told Affleck that he needed to get help for his alcoholism.

The couple got married for a second time in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas, after renewing their romance almost 20 years after their breakup.

During their honeymoon in Europe, JLo was visibly smiling and in high spirits in all the photos published by the world media, while Ben Affleck looked tired and in a bad mood. In one of the photos, he was caught sleeping on the deck of the yacht, and in another, he was crying at a dinner with Jennifer.

Twitter users commented: “He was probably drunk and passed out”, “Why is he sleeping on a chair when there is a bed behind him

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