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Uncle tried to rape his niece, her boyfriend’s sweet revenge disables him from doing something similar in the future


Uncle tried to rape his niece, her boyfriend’s sweet revenge disables him from doing something similar in the future

After trying to rape his own niece, a man lost his p*nis and testicles after they were chopped off as part of an act of revenge. The 36-year-old man had gotten drunk on alcohol before forcing himself upon his niece and trying to rape her. Somehow, the niece escaped his clutches and fled from the scene, after which the uncle reportedly stumbled all the way back home and drifted off to sleep. Left in a fit of rage, the niece’s boyfriend was adamant about having the uncle “punished” for what he did. However, he didn’t go to the police; instead, he decided to chop off the man’s privates to avenge his wronged girlfriend.

With the help of a cousin, the boyfriend managed to lure the uncle to a sugarcane field nearby, saying they were going out to have some pigs neutered. When the uncle showed up at the spot, the boyfriend and cousin reportedly attacked the man and beat him up until he lost consciousness. While the man was knocked out, the boyfriend and cousin took off the man’s trousers before cutting off his penis and testicles. The boyfriend and his accomplice then allegedly threw the man’s genitalia to wild pigs nearby.

Eventually, when the uncle regained consciousness, he was horrified upon realizing what had happened to him and somehow staggered back home. Per reports, the man called for an ambulance and was taken to a hospital where doctors tried to do whatever they could for him. Although they stopped the bleeding, doctors could not replace the parts the man lost. What surgeons did do was reconstruct the man’s urinary tract, but there was no hope of doing anything beyond that.

Despite the police force conducting a search, officers could not find the man’s body parts and believed his penis and testicles were consumed by the wild pigs, revealed police officer Michael. “It was like something out of a scene from a Dante novel,” said Felipe, the surgeon who treated him. “His penis and scrotum had been severed, and his external genitalia was completely missing. All we could do was stem the bleeding, give him a blood transfusion, and clean the wound.”

Following the incident, the man who attacked his niece was put on antibiotics, and doctors revealed that he would only need to spend a few days in the hospital before being allowed to go home. Police officers are still investigating the case, and they arrested the boyfriend as well as the cousin who chopped off the man’s body parts. Currently, it is unclear whether the uncle would face any charges for attempting to rape his niece.

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