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“He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t eat…” Seven-year-old spent more than a month in hospital fighting rare Covid related disease, expected to recover


“He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t eat…” Seven-year-old spent more than a month in hospital fighting rare Covid related disease, expected to recover

Two years into the pandemic, the number of Covid-19 related diseases in children is constantly increasing. Although very rare, one of the most common diseases is the MIS-C, a multi system inflammatory syndrome in children associated with Covid-19, and there have been numerous cases in children lately to develop this disease which is life threatening if not discovered on time.

The parents of the 7-year—old Isaiah experienced first-hand what parents and children go through if a child develops this corona-related disease. Fortunately for Isiah and his parents, doctors were able to save his life after spending more than a month in hospital where he was admitted since early January.

According to CBS Boston, on January 11th Isiah was sent home from school because he was feeling sick. That day no one could have predicted what he and his family will go through in the upcoming weeks after he was transferred to hospital the very same day due to heavy stomach pain.

“Out of the blue it started out with a little stomachache and it turned into one of the most traumatic experience of our life,” said mom Marie. By the time Isiah’s parents got to the local hospital in Massachusetts, he was already septic with heart and kidney failure. The boy was immediately admitted to the ICU and spent the next 17 days there.

During his stay at the B. Children’s Hospital, he was diagnosed with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), a rare COVID-related inflammatory condition seen in youngsters. In addition, he was also diagnosed with Macrophage Activation Syndrome, a complication of systemic inflammatory disorders; and Rhabdomyolysis, which occurs when damaged muscle tissue releases its proteins and electrolytes into the blood. Any one of these conditions can be fatal.

“It felt like an out of body experience because seeing your kid go through that is one of the most painful experiences. We had God to help us go through it,” said dad Anson. Isiah is a kid who loves food and being active. At the beginning of February, the parents were nothing but devastated when they were told Isiah should continue the treatment in Franciscan Children’s because his condition worsened and he was unable to eat and barely able to stand.

“It is a rare reaction to COVID,” said Dr. D. Leslie, a Franciscan Children’s attending physician. “He’s the first case we’ve seen — and hopefully the last.” “He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t eat, which was clearly very important to him,” said Dr. Leslie.

According to Isiah’s parents, he tested negative several times in the last few months and he got his last negative test last December once he was in close contact with someone who tested positive. However, doctors believe that he had Covid-19, but never presented symptoms, and his current diagnoses are a result of it.

Although his condition was critical and his body was failing, he managed to bounce back and his condition started to improve. After spending a total of 42 days in hospital since early January, he was released from hospital few days ago with a bubble parade and cheers. The celebration included hugs from everyone and well wishes from the team at Franciscan Children’s.

When asked what he’s looking forward to eating, Isaiah mentioned pizza, steak, and fried ice cream. His mom referred to her son as a “foodie.”

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