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“He defied the norms and standards,” Mother shared pictures of her newborn baby, leaving many people stunned; doctors were as well shocked by the size


“He defied the norms and standards,” Mother shared pictures of her newborn baby, leaving many people stunned; doctors were as well shocked by the size

Expecting a child is truly an experience like no other. The feelings and emotions you experience before, during, and after childbirth are things you carry with you for the rest of your life. That’s not to mention the unforgettable experience of seeing your child actually enter the world.

Of course, some births are extra memorable—like when this woman delivered her gigantic baby…

This whole story started with a user on the social network TikTok making a video asking her followers about the size of their newborn babies.

“I wanna see who had the biggest baby.” Whoever sees this video, tell me the weight of your biggest baby.

After a while, one mother decided to respond with some pictures of her special baby—and they certainly left people stunned…

TikTok user Shans1588 said that her second son defied the norms and standards when he was born. Of course, all newborn babies are bundles of joy, but Shan got a much bigger bundle than anyone could’ve imagined.

According to the mother, her baby was three times bigger than average—one can only imagine the shock when she found out. Newborns are usually approximately 7.5 pounds and around 20 inches long, but Shans’ boy came in at a whopping 14 pounds, 6 ounces.

Shans1588 responded to the call for videos by saying:

“You wanna see the biggest baby?” I got it. “At 38 weeks and 1 day, I had my second son via c-section, by two doctors.”

She also published a video from the birth and revealed that her son, whom she called “J,” was the biggest baby the doctors had ever seen.

“Because he came at a whopping 14 pounds, 6 ounces, and twenty-three and three-quarter inches long. “Yes, I gave birth to a toddler, who then spent 11 days in the NICU, where clearly he was the biggest baby in there.”

Wow! That’s a big boy—and he’s so cute!

Shans said people at the hospital were amazed by the baby’s size. There were no clothes or diapers in J’s size in the NICU, which tells you a lot about how huge he was! It really makes you wonder what she ate and drank during her pregnancy.

“The NICU did not even have diapers for him or clothes; they had to go up to Pediatrics to get size 3 diapers, and he came home in clothing that was 6 to 9 months old; that’s him,” Shans explained.

Of course, social media went wild when Shans posted her story.

The photos from J’s birth are now five years old, leading many TikTok users to wonder if the boy is still growing rapidly. Fortunately, baby J has followed a “normal” growth curve and is now the same size as most 5-year-olds.

According to the mother, her “giant baby” is now a healthy, stubborn, and strong boy who loves football, baseball, and monster trucks.

Imagine carrying—and then delivering—a baby that weighs so much!

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