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“It’s not your fault that you’re Black…,” White California woman was caught racially insulting 39yo African-American performer at a beach restaurant following an argument over failed payment


“It’s not your fault that you’re Black…,” White California woman was caught racially insulting 39yo African-American performer at a beach restaurant following an argument over failed payment

Few days ago, we reported about the story of a Black woman, a wheelchair-bound mother of three sons, accusing her autistic son’s school of racism following an incident in which her son’s life was put in danger. According to the mother, her son suffered stroke in school and the school nurse refused to call 911 claiming that the symptoms the teenage boy had suffered while in school were not serious. The 51-year-old mother claims that “if her son was a different race, they (the school employees) would have treated him right away.”

While it remains unclear if the mother’s claims are accurate in that particular case, the number of racial incidents nationwide is on the rise as more and more Black people are being victims of racism every single day. Earlier this month, yet another incident happened in California when a White woman, was caught on camera racially insulting 39-year-old African-American performer at a beach restaurant for no apparent reason.

According to The Post that reported about the incident few days ago, the video of the incident appeared online (posted in the end of this article) and immediately went viral. From what is clearly seen in the video, the woman, now called by the online community the “California Karen”, is hurling racial slurs at a DJ who filmed her berating staff at a beach restaurant. The DJ, identified by the outlet as the 39-year-old Ian S., was the first to upload the video on his private Instagram profile.

The altercation reportedly started after the woman, who has not yet been identified, began berating staff at the The Boathouse restaurant in S. B. after her card was declined the night before. While she was having an argument with the staff asking them to return her ID which she had left the night before as a result of the failed payment, Ian whipped out his phone and started recording the woman and her inappropriate behavior toward the restaurant’s manager.

“It was paid, though, ma’am, and you rejected the payment,” the woman, sporting a pair of sunglasses and clutching an iPad, says in the clip. “What part of you rejecting the payment don’t you recall?” That’s the moment when the unnamed woman spotted Ian recording the conversation and the confrontation escalated right away.

“Excuse me, sir. Hi, one of four black people in S. B.,” the increasingly incensed customer sarcastically snipes in the footage. Apparently noticing both Ian and the staffer react to the off-color remark, the woman doubles down on her comments in the footage. “Oh, now I’m a racist, terrible person, sorry, just because you’re an obnoxious guy. It’s not your fault that you’re Black, of course. Just obnoxious,” the woman added. “I’m against obnoxious people to be clear, not against the Black people.”

The local DJ, who has been living in the area for nearly two decades, later said that he was not surprised by the woman’ behavior and he is used to being a victim of racism since such kind of incidents happen all the time.

“People have been kicked out of boathouse a few times for [racially] motivated comments towards myself, unfortunately,” After experiencing stuff like that on and off for as long as that restaurant has been open, just doesn’t surprise me. Just learned how to deal with it better,” Ian said.


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