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Mother of a 3-year-old girl learned she is expecting triplets, but then things turned from bad to worse


Mother of a 3-year-old girl learned she is expecting triplets, but then things turned from bad to worse

Her husband left her with deaf and blind triplets, but the mother did not want to give up!

Liz is a mother who gave birth to deaf and blind triplets, and the situation worsened when her husband left her.

Liz and her husband already had a 3-year-old daughter, Sarah, when they discovered Liz was carrying triplets. The news was surprising because they were not receiving any treatment.

This turned out to be too much of a burden for the marriage. Her husband left her alone with four children.

Liz gave birth to triplets in 2000 at 25 weeks pregnant and named them Zoe, Sophie, and Emma. Due to their early birth and other complications, the triplets were born blind.

Sophie is partially blind, has a narrow field of vision, and can see colors and shapes. Zoe can tell the difference between light and dark. But Emma doesn’t see that at all.

The news broke the mother’s heart: “I felt like I had been hit by a truck.” I fell to the floor and wanted to disappear. “I couldn’t believe this happened to my babies.”

Liz dedicated herself to taking care of the triplets and accepted the situation as it was. But then things got even worse.

It turned out that the drug for sepsis had damaged the hairs in the cochlea, causing the triplets to become deaf in their second year. Those were the first triplets who were blind and deaf.

This news brought Liz to the brink of despair.

“One of my biggest fears was that they would think mom had stopped talking to them. How will I talk to them? How am I going to talk to the three of them?”

“What should I do?” Liz explained her thoughts. “At that time, they began to trust people less.” They’ll be scared when I pick them up off the floor.”

The triplets were given artificial cochleae to help them, but it took a lot of work to make up for the lost years of their development.

Liz spent all her energy on taking care of the triplets, so she had no time to devote to her older daughter Sarah.

“He had a certain maturity, he understood that the sisters were sick and that they needed help.” And she will take care of herself.”

Liz becomes involved with a boy from her school days named George. She contacted him because she needed someone to talk to, but things developed and turned into a relationship. George gave her the love, support, and help she needed.

Despite all the obstacles, George fell in love with Liz and her daughters. After a year, he proposed. Their relationship is constantly tested, but they manage day by day.

Liz said their fight also had some special moments: “The first steps felt like I won a marathon.” They worked very hard for every little move. The lofty goals have become even loftier.”

“I knew it was going to be tough, but I didn’t know it was going to be this tough,” George said. “It’s a 24/7 job. It never stops. There is no free time. There is no break for a job well done. “No days off,” said George.

Because of their blindness, triplets sometimes have a hard time distinguishing between day and night, which leads to scheduling complications.

Feeding is a difficult task, there is food everywhere, and you have to constantly clean up after it. You need to constantly clean them and change their diapers.

Despite everything, this brave mother does not give up. “We are not giving up and progressing slowly but surely.” “I just pray that God fills the holes that we can’t,” Liz said.

The married couple became famous when they appeared in the famous show Dr. Phil in 2007 and 2010, which allowed them to launch their foundation. “Dr. “Phil raised awareness of our problem as well as financial help,” said Liz.

“That’s when the changes started.” People who worked with the girls showed up. They are the happiest deaf-blind children. Now we can laugh a little more.”

“Helen Keller is an example that deaf and blind people can learn and contribute to society,” said Liz. “This fact greatly affects the education of triplets.”

The triplets turned 19 this year. The family withdrew from the public, so there is no information about how they are doing now.

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