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Woman placed her son for adoption, 7 years later she found out something she was not expecting at all


Woman placed her son for adoption, 7 years later she found out something she was not expecting at all

When the mother gave her son up for adoption, she did not expect this. At the time, she thought it was the right thing to do, but as time went on, she found that she greatly regretted giving up her son and all of the memories they could have shared together.

Chris’ life got off to a rough start. During her childhood, she went from one foster family to another.

She was abused and neglected, so it is not at all surprising that she ran away at only 14 years old.

When you’re on the run, life isn’t simple. From bad relationships to sleeping on the streets to begging, she gave birth to her son Matthew when she was 17 years old.

After he was born, she moved in with a man who had a problem with alcohol. Despite the constant conflicts, she tried to support her small family.

Then she became pregnant again, but her daughter died just a few days after birth. Her funeral was held on Matthew’s third birthday. It was too much for Chris:

“I had to celebrate one child’s birthday and mourn the life of another.” It broke me.”

The tragedy made something clear to her, something that broke her heart. She could not provide a normal life for her son. That’s why she gives him up for adoption. He was 3 and a half years old, and she was 21. She thought it was the right decision.

At that time, she also separated from her partner. The next seven years were restless for her: she did not have a clear goal and could not find her place in the world. She often had no roof over her head and was desperate.

Then, one day, everything changed. Chris walked into the restaurant and plucked up the courage to look for work. The owner saw something in Chris and decided to give her a chance.

Her whole life turned upside down. Now she was working, had a roof over her head, and was slowly putting her life in order.

Soon after, she met a new man, Joe, who treated her with respect. Until then, she had only had bad experiences, so this was completely new to her. Now he has met true love!

Chris and Joe got married. And her child? She was thinking about him all the time. Finally, Joe encouraged her to contact social services and ask about her son.

What she found out was not at all what she expected. In all the 7 years since she left him, no one has adopted him. All those years, while she cried over his photo, he was in the institution where she left him.

She drove there, and what followed was a moving experience for all present.

Social workers rarely see such cases. Now that the mother is quite stable, she was able to provide her son with a normal life.

Chris couldn’t believe she was near her son again, holding him in her arms, and not losing him forever.


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